Notice: ICanFunction mHealth Solution (mICF) partners meeting

mICF partners are invited to the following face-to-face meeting.

  • Date: 3 April 2019
  • Venue: Kuwait City, Kuwait (the venue will be announced soon)
  • Host: Ministry of Health: Kuwait
  • Cost:  Meetings,including food and beverage is free. Participants are responsible for costs of transport, accommodation and other meals (breakfast, dinner). Accommodation will cost between $120-$160 per night
  • Visa: The host will organise your visa. The information page in your passport should be uploaded with registration.
  • Register here (before 22 February please)
  • Plan your trip
  • This meeting coincides with meetings of the Functioning and Disability Reference Group of WHO-FIC (4&5 April) and the 4th International Symposium: ICF Education (6&7 April) (http://icfeducation.org/upcoming-events)
  • More information:Stefanus Snyman (stefanussnyman@gmail.com)
  • Preparation and agenda for mICF Kuwait meeting