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Finnish Proof of Concept

A grant from KELA (€100,000) allowed our partners at THL and JAMK to developed a graphic interface to understand how adults and children with disabilities would be able to navigate and share their functioning information.

All users, except one adult, found the prototype easy to use, accepted it and had a favourable response, because it enabled the description of life situations. They would especially use mICF if it could be connected to their health record and to all electronic health and social service systems that they use. Adults would use the application when applying for benefits or before engaging social or health services. They recommended navigation to be improved and bugs fixed. A tutorial, more visually attractive summary reports and the ability to visualise changes over time, were requested.

Children were excited to use the application as a tool for their voices to be heard.

Screenshots of the Finnish proof of concept


micf-focus-areasFunctionMapper was designed by ICF experts using the Term Editor open-source software of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in Finland.

FunctionMapper can provide words, prompts, instrument items and goals linked to ICF’s functioning and environmental factors. The terms are mapped manually by experts using established ICF linking rules. The accumulation of the linkages provides useful aid when adding new information.

FunctionMapper 2.0 was completed in the first half of 2018. FunctionMapper converts a person’s natural language concepts and responses to items in assessment instruments and goals related to functioning and environmental factors in every language where mICF is to be deployed.

FunctionMapper can support all languages. It provides user-friendly terms to mICF frontend applications.

First Minimum Viable Product: FIRE Diabetes

ICanFunction Health (Pty) Ltd (South Africa) is the first Operations Company in the mICF ecosystem. They developed a first minimal viable project to assist persons to reverse insulin resistance. In the process they developed an App, based on glimpse technology, to deliver educational content in bite size chunks, also allowing participants to capture information about their functioning. They are currently in the process of seeking investment to further develop the technology and to take the FIRE Diabetes concept to the world.

Glimpse technology used in the FIRE Diabetes programme.