ICanFunction mHealth Solution (mICF)


Globally, persons with disabilities are the largest minority. People with chronic health conditions are the major drivers of health care expenditures.
These groups often experience inequities in the management of their ongoing and chronic health needs due to health systems being designed for acute care and lacking integration with other systems of care.
Our solution to this global dilemma aims to integrate the functioning of a person using a digitally accessible interface, providing users with the possibility of sharing their lived experience, including relevant barriers and facilitators in their own words.


mICF is a person-centered user-friendly solution to help people describe their lived experience of service needs. It is a paradigm shifting platform for personalised health and social care that will facilitate individualised, predictive care by utilising big data models.

Nothing about us without us

Dr Vic McKinney
Quadriplegic, Cape Town

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Forming the mICF Foundation

On 15 April 2018 the mICF Research Partners took the final step in establishing the Dutch-based mICF Foundation. The objectives, aims and goals of the Foundation...

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