What is ICF?

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is a framework for organising and documenting information on functioning and disability. It conceptualises functioning as a dynamic interaction between a person’s health condition, environmental factors and personal factors.

ICF provides a standard language between professions and conceptual basis for the definition and measurement of disability, and it provides classifications and codes. It represents a paradigm shift from bio-medical to bio-psycho-social approach for person-centred care. The ICF is ideally suited to help address the needs of persons with chronic diseases, disability and the elderly.


The ICF framework (adapted and used with permission Talaat & Ladhani, 2014)*

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*Talaat, W., & Ladhani, Z. (2014). Community-based education in health professions: Global perspectives. Cairo: The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization.