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mICF Ecosystem

The ICanFunction mHealth Solution (mICF) is putting the service user (person) first and at the centre. This delineates the business and the intellectual property (IP) of mICF in relation to the activities and the businesses of others in the health universe. The objective of mICF is to help reach health equity.


The mICF is designed as a person-centred solution, able to record and process a set of complex factors and determinants conceptualised by a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of health that defines activities and participation of people in society.

Health equity:

The main objective of mICF is to help reach health equity. For this purpose, mICF is developing a metric that will serve to guide its actions and to measure its progress.

Memorandum of Agreement (MoA):

The Founding Group drafted a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to record the principles and concepts of their cooperation in the International mICF Partnership.

The MoA envisaged that participants in the mICF ecosystem will collaborate effectively to realise the vision by way of Partner Segment Groups.

mICF Ecosystem:

All the Founding Partners have a home in one or more of the entities of the mICF partnership-ecosystem:

  • Research partners are accommodated in the Dutch-registered mICF Foundation.
  • Technology partners will be accommodated in an IP holding company (IPHoldCo), ICanFunction International, which still has to be established.
  • Commercial partners will be incorporated in any number of Operating Companies (OpsCos) which can be formed in various geographical (horizontal) locations (e.g. Finland, Canada, South Africa) or issue-related companies (vertical) (e.g. mICF for children with Autism, Diabetes), any of the number to be established. The first Operating Company, is ICanFunction Health (Pty) Ltd. from South Africa, focusing on developing an mICF application to help persons reverse insulin resistance (see www.FIREdiabetes.com)

Entities in the mICF ecosystem