Project Plan Overview

We are developing the ICanFunction (mICF) mobile health solution, a state-of-the-art application and paradigm shifting platform for personalized health and social services. It is based on the WHO’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

The International mICF partnership consisting of service users, service providers, specialists in ICF and health informatics are developing a user-friendly mobile application to assist people at point of service delivery to be able to enter what is important to them about their functioning and context so that health services can respond more appropriately. In the background ICF-related data (including patient-reported outcomes) will be amalgamated.

This will enable indiviualised, predictive service provision by utilizing big data models. mICF can be a game changer in addressing health inequity by facilitating the necessary institutional reform as well as the transformation of health professions education by utilizing person-driven and person-owned data to optimize individualised service provision and to strengthens systems for health.

The work plan is divided into 5 components:

  1. micf-focus-areasVarious frontends and mobile applications,
  2. The FunctionMapper,
  3. An interoperability layer,
  4. The Health Databank for Big Data Analysis, and
  5. Agile commercialisation

This work plan is a shared property among the International mICF Partnership. The partners can exploit it to develop specific research plans to seek funding from national and international funding agencies, to realize the global mICF vision.