First mICF proof of concept

A prototype of a patient-driven ICF-based assessment tool is being developed for persons with severe disabilities so that they can self-report their life situation.  

A Finnish team is developing the first mICF proof of concept in their “Feasibility Study of a Patient-driven Mobile ICF-based  ICanFunction Assessment Tool (mICF)”. This one-year project (2016-2017) aims to design and develop a first prototype (POC, Proof of Concept) of the mICF for person-centered assessment of functioning based on ICF.

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Succesfull pitch of mICF in the Dutch Hackethon: Reaching Rome

Dutch HackathonAfter a successful pitch of mICF in the Dutch Hackethon, a team worked out a mock up to build an interface for mICF. The team used the case of Tineke, a patient suffering from spinal cord disease, having a dream: travelling to Rome. But when she wanted advice on how she could travel to Rome without any medical dangers, the healthcare professional simply pointed out that her medical issues would prevent her from doing so. While healthcare professionals deal with patients and their health problems, patients view themselves as people with goals, needs, wishes and dreams. During a consult these views are not always aligned. Hence, opportunities to increase a patient’s quality of life might be missed.

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A new dynamic tool for mICF content development – the Term Editor

The Term Editor is an open source software suited for developing and maintaining terminologies, ontologies and information structures. The mICF content in Term editor includes ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) terms, natural language terms (i.e. related terms and synonyms) and terms from instruments to measure functioning in different languages.

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