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The Partnership and Legal Incorporation

The International mICF Partnership  is a way to bring together multiple groups to work toward our joint outcome to develop the ICanFunction Solution, to serve and inform partners, to serve as a social movement and to serve social change for service user-driven, person-centred interprofessional collaborative practice.

The partnership is not legally incorporated in any way to ensure that the power dynamic of the group is not undermined and an entity is not created that will innately want to build itself to compete with its own members.

As there is no legal entity, fiscal and legal responsibility moves to each partner on a subproject-by-subproject basis.

In terms of new members joining the Partnership:

  • Members can apply directly to the Partnership Facilitation Team or be referred by any of the existing members,
  • New members need to sign a memorandum of understanding  and commit to the vision and goals of the Partnership,
  • New members should also indicate which Partner Segment or Segments they wish to belong to subject to approval by the Partnership Facilitation Team,
  • Potential conflicts of interest between existing and new members need to be solved before the MoA is signed. These will be mediated through the Partnership Facilitation Team).

Consensus-based partnership driven by a mutual concern and trust relationships

The Partnership’s collaboration and governance is based on a clear vision, mutual concern, consensus and trust relationships. We embrace a complexity-inspired governance framework for multi-organisational collaboration. We employ a way of organising our group of partners to meet a need without having to create a new organisation to hold the issue. Our model of functioning help us to recognise and become conscious designers in a complex ecosystem of organisational collaboration.

Our modus operandi seeks to recognize energy and to respect how this energy flows in the Partnership. It is an attempt to develop a framework to understand and support the tensions that exist when several groups come together. Our way of functioning is designed to support collaboration where:

  • Work is action-focused, as we flexibly respond to the energy and focus on the converging interests of the group and emergent opportunities.
  • Order, systems and accountability are balanced with opportunity, chaos and entrepreneurship.
  • Emergence of new ideas can happen, flexibly responding to opportunity and need while still staying clear about the primary strategic work of the group.
  • Self-interest is harnessed, value and balanced with common and converging interests and the needs of the Partnership. ‘”Coordinated mutual self-interest’” is seen as the best way to secure resources and goals.
  • Leadership and workload are balanced and shared depending on the issue area and partners’ core competencies. Partners know when to lead and when to follow.
  • Collaborative leadership is valued within a broader context of collaboration. The way we operate privileges the ‘initiative taker’ taking cognisance that action inspires action. All types of leadership are valued and honoured in our Partnership, as long as the leadership is consistent with the larger vision and goals of the group, has a constructive attitude of service and is collaborative. No empire builders are welcome.
  • Individual partners/organisations preserve their autonomy while carrying out the group’s shared goals.
  • Groups work together to avoid duplication of efforts and competition for funding by working together and coordinating resource procurement strategies.
  • Infrastructure and administration costs are minimized by eliminating the need for an umbrella organization. This also ensures that the group doesn’t create an organisation to compete with partners’ own organizations.
  • A framework is provided for a shared voice and shared work that enables the group to iteratively build a body of knowledge and work
  • Partners and the partnership are flexible and capable of mobilising quickly around issues and opportunities
  • The capacity of partners is built through their participation in the Partnership and by facilitating a coordinated voice.
  • We collaborate with the intention to build strong trust relationships and are committed to resolve conflict effectively and to restore relationships.

The strength of our governance model is in its strong base of roles, responsibilities, vision, strategy and planning that can then enable emergence to happen within the energetic Work Groups resulting in achievements greater than the sum of its parts.

For more information on how to join, contact us.