A new dynamic tool for mICF content development – the Term Editor

The Term Editor is an open source software suited for developing and maintaining terminologies, ontologies and information structures. The mICF content in Term editor includes ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) terms, natural language terms (i.e. related terms and synonyms) and terms from instruments to measure functioning in different languages.

The mICF content experts can now work on natural language concepts and link them the ICF categories. The tool allows us to work simultaneously worldwide and add content to one single database. Its search function and automatic referrers help recognizing existing linkages and thus provide useful aid when adding new information. As the work continues, the accumulating content will enrich the classifications and its use possibilities. The related terms will enrich the classification and help building better search possibilities in software applications using ICF classification.

The tool has been developed by Jussi Kurki from National Institute of health and Welfare (THL), Finland. Its content is multilingual, but the interface is bilingual (Finnish and English). The Term editor’s development plan for 2016 focuses on stabilizing the infrastructure of the software and enriching the functionalities needed for different content development projects, e.g. ICF and mICF collaborative work.

The mICF in Term Editor will be taken in mICF content expert use in  June 2016 and is funded by the Social Insurance Institution, Finland.

Term Editor: main view

Term editor _main view

Term editor: preview

Term editor preview

Term editor: Excerpt of editing view

Term editor_ exerpt of editing view