Developing FunctionMappermicf-focus-areas

FunctionMapper, developed by ICF experts using the Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare’s Term Editor open source software, will convert the person’s natural language concepts, responses to instrument items and goals related to functioning and environmental factors in all globally spoken languages. These will be mapped to ICF according to established ICF linking rules (Cieza et al. 2016) to recognise existing mappings and linkages and provide useful aid when adding new information.

FunctionMapper will be able to store, manage and share linkages of natural language (i.e. health-related descriptions by service users) to ICF in multiple languages. It will also provide user-friendly terms to mICF frontend applications. Collecting natural language will start with the first user experience (UX) testing of a mICF proof of concept frontend application.

Users of health, social and educational services or their proxies (e.g. parents for smaller children or children for their elderly parents) will be able to actively participate by writing, speaking, adding photos or answering simple questions to describe his/her life situation. The solution fulfills web accessibility criteria and a variety of options, to add personal information, are available and easily adjustable to meet the need of any person.

Participants will need to consent to share this information to a research database before mICF content experts will link the use terms to ICF via FunctionMapper. The linkages will enable the provision of structured functioning profiles to users of a frontend mICF application. Linkages need to be easy to understand and interpret by the mICF user. Co-creation, active participation and feedback from persons with disabilities will assist service designers to iteratively improve the usability of the FunctionMapper and to increase the user experience of frontend application ensuring a person-centred mICF.

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